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(Sample email written to sell Email Copy Made Easy)

Subject Line: Do I Look Like A Goldfish?

Hey there, <FIRSTNAME>!

It’s Jay White here.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about goldfish.

I know what’s going through your head right now….”Really, Jay?  Goldfish????  Why?  Unless you’re six years old, there’s absolutely nothing interesting about goldfish!

And you’re right...


The reason I’ve been thinking about goldfish is because, as marketing professionals, we are constantly being told that the average prospect has the same attention span as a goldfish (which is, for the record, about nine seconds).

You know what?  I can kind of relate.

While I’m happy to say that my attention span is longer than nine seconds, I’ve never liked the idea of spending weeks or even months on just one writing project. 


That’s a LOT of time to spend reading, thinking, and writing about ONE topic. 

Even if I’m writing about a product or service I really love and believe in, I start to get kind of…well…bored.

How about you?

I prefer working on short, fun projects that can be completed in just days…or even hours! 

I love having the chance to explore my interests, without drowning in them…

And there are so many clients that need this type of writing, that I will never, ever get bored!

Sounds good, right?

Wanna know more?

<LINK – “Yes!  Tell Me More!”>

I’m talking about emails!

Think about it…

Every day, businesses around the world send more than 117,000,000,000 emails to their prospects and customers.

Someone has to write all those emails.   Why not you?

So now I hear you thinking “Well gee, Jay, that all sounds great, but I don’t know the first thing about writing emails for business!”

Not to worry…I got you covered!

In my course, Email Copy Made Easy, I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process for writing emails….the same process I use and that has earned me over $1,000,000.00 so far.

I’ll give you loads of examples and I’ll even let you look “over my shoulder,” so you can see how easy this really is.

How does that  sound?

<LINK – “Sounds great!  Sign me up!”>

Okay, so now you’re thinking “But Jay…Writing emails sounds fun and all, but can I really make any money doing that?”


According to AWAI’s 2019 Copywriting Pricing Guide, you can charge $250 - $2,000 for a standalone email.

If you write just one e-mail a day, you can earn $10,000 in just two months and that number can get higher…MUCH higher…when you get hired to write autoresponders or land a sweet retainer deal.

In Email Copy Made Easy, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to make all of that happen.

So, if you’re looking for a way to quickly earn great money while doing short, fun projects…check out my Email Copy Made Easy  course, now!

Sound good?

Great!  Go ahead and click the link below.  The sooner you begin Email Copy Made Easy, the sooner you can start making GREAT money writing emails!

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P.S. – Sign up now and you’ll also receive my 90 Day Success Plan, a proven roadmap to launching your successful email copywriting career!


(Sample lift note written to sell Money Making Travel Blogs)

40 Bloggers Wanted – No Experience Required!

Myth – All successful, profitable blogs are written by professional writers or people with writing degrees.

Dear <first name>

I get it. 

The idea of writing a blog can be very scary—especially if you’ve never thought of yourself as a writer.  But, can I let you in on a little secret?  The most successful bloggers aren’t the best writers….they’re the best STORYTELLERS.  They don’t have a fancy degree or a lot of writing experience.  What they have is a passion for travel (or gardening, or fishing, or…) and the ability to tell a great story.  

You can tell a story, right? 


If your answer is “Yes!” then you can create a successful blog that can generate income for you, month after month.  You don’t need a lot of education or experience to get started.  All you need is your stories and opinions, the desire to share them with others, and the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll find in The Money Making Travel Blogs program.

And, in case you’re wondering, you don’t need any special training or experience to take care of the technical side of things, either.  In The Money Making Travel Blogs program, our experts will walk you through each step of the process, so you can get started as quickly and painlessly as possible.

<LINK> Check out all the details here!

But, here’s the thing.  I know that the idea of setting up and starting your own blog can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know much about computers.  That’s why I want to offer you a special deal that is only available for a limited time


Be one of the first 40 people to register for The Money Making Travel Blogs program today, and my team of experts will personally build your blog for FREE!  That way, you can get straight to the good stuff—sharing your stories with an audience that is eager to read them.

So, to recap – you don’t need any education, writing experience, or technical expertise to start a money-making travel blog today.  All you need is a love of new experiences, a desire to turn those experiences into great stories, and a willingness to share those stories with the world.

What are you waiting for?

Registration for The Money Making Travel Blogs program is open now!


Lori Allen, Director, Great Escape Publishing


Like what you see?  For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please Contact Me


(Sample article written for Carnival Cruises)

“How to Get Some Peace and Quiet on Your Next Carnival Cruise”

I recently returned from my first Carnival cruise. 

I sailed aboard the Carnival Valor and, while there are many things I loved about the ship and the cruise experience, there was one aspect of the voyage that didn’t meet my expectations.

Let me explain—I am an introvert.  There are times when I need to get away from other people so I can relax and recharge my batteries.  On my Carnival cruise, that was really hard to do.

Having never been on a Carnival cruise before, I didn’t know where to go to get the peace and solitude I craved.  I thought that my cabin was my only refuge.

When I got home, I did some research and I discovered that I was very wrong.

You see, Carnival cruise lovers are like snowflakes.  No two are exactly alike.

Some want to participate in as many ship-board games and contests as possible. 


Some want to spend all day hanging out at the pool, while others want to spend their time in the bars and casino.  There are some people who want to do a little bit of everything. 


And then there are those, like me, who don’t want to do any of it.

Each Carnival cruise ship has spaces designed to satisfy the needs of all their customers—including those of us who want to spend some time away from all that activity.  You just have to know where to find them.

If you’re someone who just wants some peace and quiet on your voyage, here are four tips for making the most out of your next Carnival Cruise.

1 – Sit out on your balcony

Many of Carnival’s staterooms come with balconies.  This cozy, private space will leave you feeling like you’re the only person on the ship.  Lounge on your balcony and watch the sun set over crystal blue waters as you unwind from a day of exploring an exotic port-of-call.

2 - Visit our Library or Lounge Areas

Every Carnival cruise ship has a library that is well-stocked with a wide variety of entertaining and informative books.  Curl up in one of our oversize, luxurious reading chairs and bask in the peaceful atmosphere.  Each ship also has several lounge areas tucked away in out-of-the-way parts of the ship that aren’t usually visited by a lot of passengers.  These are great places to have a conversation or even to play a game of chess or backgammon with a friend or loved one.

3 – Have a spa day

If you or a member of your group is craving some pampering, there’s no better place to go than our spa.  Enjoy a massage, a facial, or one of our relaxing skin treatments in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  When you leave us, your body, mind, and spirit will feel revived and rejuvenated.

4 – Have a meal at one of our fine dining establishments

Your cruise ticket gives you access to a wide variety of dining options, with dishes designed to appeal to even the pickiest eater.  However, there are times when you might want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main dining room or the buffet.  Try one of our fine dining establishments where, for a nominal charge, you can savor delicious meals in a quiet, intimate atmosphere.

At Carnival, we know that every passenger is different and we want every passenger to have a wonderful experience on board our ships.  SEE MORE DETAILS ABOUT SHIP-BOARD ACTIVITIES.

sample 4

(Sample Email written to sell the 2019 Block Island Knitting Retreat)

Subject Line: I Know You…

Hello <First Name>,

My name is Sven Risom and I am the owner of North Light Fibers.

Maybe we’ve met and maybe we haven’t, but I’ll bet that I know three very important things about you…

First: You love to knit.

Second: You’re always looking for opportunities to challenge yourself by tackling new patterns and techniques.

Third:  You love spending time with other knitters.

I know all this because hundreds of people just like you have come to North Light Fibers and I’ve watched them all carefully.

I’ve noticed the care our customers put into choosing just the right yarn for their projects…

I’ve rejoiced with our students when they master new stitches or techniques—sometimes after weeks, or even months, of struggle….

I’ve seen the bonds between knitters grow and develop into strong ties of friendship that can last a lifetime…

…and I want to see all this happen for YOU!

Doesn’t that sound good?

<Link – “Yes!  Tell Me More!”>

At the 2019 Block Island Knitting Retreat, you’ll spend three days and two nights on beautiful Block Island, located just 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island.  Here, you’ll grow, learn and—most importantly—knit!

For the past nine years, the Block Island Knitting Retreat has been helping knitters hone their craft and connect with their tribe under the watchful eyes of our caring and experienced instructors.  You’ll do all this while you bask in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that seems to have been tailor-made for rest and relaxation.

Over the course of three days and two nights, you’ll:

  • Attend workshops led by Andrea Mowry and Annie Rowden—two of today’s leading knitwear designers.  Under their expert guidance, you’ll master the addictive brioche stitch, learn how to work cables without a needle, gain valuable insights and experience in reading charted patterns, and much more!

  • Tour North Light Fibers, a Micro Yarn Mill specializing in the creation of handcrafted artisanal yarns from exotic fibers.  This tour will give you a new understanding of—and appreciation for—the work we put into creating the beautiful yarns you see on our shelves.  You’ll even get to meet our pet alpacas!

  • Spend time exploring beautiful Block Island.  Optional activities include nature walks, Bird Banding, tours of historical sites, and shopping.  Or, if you’re so inclined, you can spend your free time knitting!

You’ll stay in a charming, family owned-and-operated inn with rooms that feature stunning, unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean.  You’ll dine on delicious dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Best of all, you’ll get to spend time with people just like you….people who share your passion for knitting, your desire to create beautiful works of art, and your eagerness to hone your craft and learn new skills.

There really is nothing quite like The Block Island Knitting Retreat…

The 2019 Block Island Knitting Retreat will be taking place from May 17-19.  Register now and you’ll receive

  • Transportation to and from Block Island

  • Two nights’ stay at the historic 1661 Inn, located just steps from North Light Fibers.

  • Seven meals created by award-winning chefs, with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Workshops with Andrea Mowry and Annie Rowden, INCLUDING all the materials and supplies you will need to make the assigned projects.

  • A free tour of North Light Fibers

  • Access to a wide variety of activities, including nature walks, shopping, and sites of historical interest


But don’t delay!  Spaces at the 2019 Block Island Knitting Retreat are limited and they will fill up fast.  Reserve your spot today!

<LINK – “Reserve my spot in the 2019 Block Island Knitting Retreat now!”>

I hope to see you soon!


Sven Risom

North Light Fibers